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About us



Welcome to Gift Khojo, where the art of gifting meets the warmth of Indian culture!, through our journey, we observed the challenges people face when selecting the perfect gift.

In a world inundated with generic gift guides, we felt the need to create a space that resonates with the essence of Indian gifting. Most online resources cater to different cultures, often missing the nuances that make our traditions unique. Thus, Gift Khojo was born, with 'Khojo' in Hindi meaning to search – a fitting name for our quest to help you find the ideal gift.

Team Members

Meet our dedicated team, led by me, Nilesh Patidar, the eldest member of our family. Alongside me, we have Ajay, Pooja, and Kusum, each contributing their insights into the world of gifting. Our collective mission is to scour the web for outstanding gifting ideas and present them to you through our carefully curated selection.


To ensure the highest quality recommendations, we employ AI creators for content, but rest assured, our gift choices are exclusively crafted by our team. We showcase only those gifts that we find truly amazing, ensuring our customers are never disappointed. At Gift Khojo, we don't just save you from the hassle of searching the web for the perfect gift – we also save you time.

Contact Information.

ADDRESS -  Khawasa , Jhabua , Madhya Pradesh , India

PINCODE - 457772

CONTACT NO. 9407141645



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